Will says: The fourth and final New Year's Eve kitten, Scruffy, an orange and white male, was the master of tongue manipulation, always sticking his long tongue out in funny ways. Scruffy and his brother Duffy were adopted together.

The four New Year's Eve kittens were a delight to work with both individually and as a group. Our job as foster parents for the SPCALA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles, is to keep them alive, socialize them to humans so they will make good pets, and give them a carefree early kittenhood. I think that we did all of that. We think that we are training them, but even at an early age they end up training us. The hardest part of fostering is having to give them up after we have turned them into the perfect pets. It is not so much a matter of missing the individual kittens, because we know from the start that we cannot keep them and there are always more that need our help. It is breaking up the litter and hence putting a dent in their carefree existence that is so difficult. We are always most pleased when we can get them adopted out together, to homes with other kittens, or at least to homes with other animals. It was with this litter that I started taking a lot more photos per litter so that I could better remember them and so that those who adopt them can better understand how they were when they were younger. The only thing missing with this litter was a mother cat. I have discovered that the greatest invention for taking care of kittens is a mother cat. Well, you just do the best you can with what you have.

New Year's Even Kittens: Muffy
New Year's Even Kittens: Duffy
New Year's Even Kittens: Tuffy

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Will and Kathey Haas
Will and Kathey generously share hundreds of photos they've taken of needy kittens on their Flickr account and their Photobucket account

New Year's Eve Kittens: Scruffy [6]  kitten
New Year's Eve Kittens: Scruffy [6]  kitten
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judymack812 -
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Oh Scruffy there us nothing scruffy about you. You are beautiful! Gosh what an adorable litter!!
txmomlovell -
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330 points
so cute
KatVonV -
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Scruffy, you are such a charmed. Glad you and Duffy are together in you new home.
KC -
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These babies are sooooo cute indeed. Again, hard to choose favorites among these delightful pictures.
Stonewall -
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I have enjoyed watching the whole video-log of these beauties. This is a great litter and "Will & Kathey Haas" are obviously good people for their devoted care of these little ones. What lovely little tykes you've raised.

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