September 25, 2022
Calinore says: One day a neighbour came to our door here in France asking which shelter was best for abandoned cats. My mother was sorry because she knew of no such place... sometimes cats get adopted from shelters but there are so many of them that a lot are put to sleep after only two weeks. The lady explained that her daughter had found a kitten on a parking lot. He had a problem with his paw and neither of them could keep him because they both had dogs in their houses. Without thinking twice my mother said she would adopt him. All the cats we have had at home have always been poor little things mistreated or abandoned. One was found in the subway. One was found tied to a tree. One came from a shelter and was already grown. (No one wants to adopt an adult.)

Anyway, the kitten arrived and immediately he was fed and installed in a room away from the other two cats. We took him to the vet to check on his paw and the vet said the leg was broken but nothing could be done immediately because he was so young. Gradually we introduced him to the other cats and he was allowed to discover the whole house. Now he is full of beans. He is an adorable cutie and he doesn't seem bothered by his leg... he'll be operated if necessary but mother nature sometimes takes care of such problems. My mother is an English teacher, and she went to United States many times because she has friends in Texas. That's why the kitten is called Tex.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Calinore
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KC -
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Such a cutie! Lovely artistic pictures too. So glad he was saved and is happy!
Kvv -
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Little Tex looks so cute and playful. I found a kitten on the freeway offramp my vet said had a broken femer bone, but he healed just fine. I hope Tex's leg also healed since he was so young that may have happened. Glad he has a home!
txmomlovell -
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such a handsome kitty
judymack812 -
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Tex you are a handsome boy! Your backstop is very like my Tiny who was a waif with a broken leg at a young age. It healed perfectly on its own and I had him for 18 years and he was my special cat. I still miss him. Bless you for taking in babies who have no home!

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