September 26, 2022
Jerry says: Teddy is our fist ragdoll kitten, he from a very bad pet shop in Taipei. The boss told us he already 2 months old, actually he only 35 days. After we took him home and take care him 3 days then he got a sick. that is urgent for a small kitten, he stay in hospital 5 days. Thanks god he is back and rejoin our life and our cat Pudding, she is older than Teddy six months. Of course he is our baby boy, he will stay with us forever. :) Why we call him Teddy, he is a ragdoll kitten, we hope him like a TeddyBear . ^^ He is really cute.

Cuz Teddy, we met more cat friends, and know how bad that purchase a cat from a pet shop. Cuz Teddy, we started research ragdoll and import 3 ragdoll kittens (Nana, Willy and Samantha) from a CFA cattery in NZ. Then we register a CFA cattery, it's Fairy-Dolls Cattery. We hope kitten from our cattery is not just a pet, they are our babies. We hope the new owner get their baby should be healthy, not just he/she is cute.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Jerry & Grace
Jerry & Grace own Fairy-Dolls Ragdoll Cattery in Taipei, Taiwan

Teddy [6]  kitten
Teddy [6]  kitten
Teddy [6]  kitten
Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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What a cutie! So glad you saved him from that pet store!!!
Kvv -
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Teddy is a beauty, as is Pudding. Glad he is well and has a good home with another cat to play with.
txmomlovell -
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a very handsome kitty. such beautiful blue eyes.
Stonewall -
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Ragdolls are awesome. Both Teddy & Pudding are just perfect examples of Feline beauty. And like all Ragdolls, the fur is wonderfully soft and wispy;and their temperament is so Human Friendly. These Two a Lovely examples!

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