October 1, 2022
Kit says: Mo is a male Tabby (exact breed, I don't know). He is happily living with me and my wife in Hong Kong.

A kitten was found wandering in the garden of a secondary school that is located very close to where I live. The kitten was picked up by my colleague and since she knew I lived close by, she called me whether I can look after the kitten for her, I gladly accepted. It was from then on that this new kitten had been living with me ever since.

The name Mo derived from the transliteration meaning "fur" in Chinese. This name was given by my wife because she thought the names that I had created sounded awful.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Hoi Kit Chung

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KC -
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What a cutie! Thank you for adopting him and giving him the loving home he deserves :-)
Kvv -
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Little Mo is such a lucky kitten to be adopted by you. He looks the picture of contentment in some photos. I love the graceful markings on his little face.
txmomlovell -
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so sleepy
judymack812 -
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Mo is my favorite kind of cat. The everyday domestic short hair tabby. I love them with their cute faces and their stripped letter M over their eyes. Some people call them Mackeral tabbing because of the letter M.
Stonewall -
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This is addressed to Mo. Partner; you leaped at the chance to"Family Up", and you landed softly on all four paws exactly where you wanted to be.
Aside from being a very handsome little guy; you are clearly also a winner in every way.
That home YOU PICKED was just the right one Mo. And I approve of all the soft and cozy places you like to nap in it. Well done little "MO".

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