February 7, 2023
Anisa says: Last Sunday me and my mom went to a pet shop where Hazel (my puppy) was bathed. We had no plan of buying another cat because we already have two cats. But suddenly my mom called me because she saw this elegant Persian cat. That cat was sooo beautiful and her fur was so fluffy! The worker at the pet shop said that she (the cat) will be mated to the pet shop's owner's cat. The other worker said that there's another cat that will look just like her when she grows up. So they showed us this tiny white cat with blue eyes. She is so adorable. You can say that it was love at first sight. Suddenly my mom started to ask the worker the price for this kitten. I still couldn't believe that she is now mine when she slept on my lap on the car. The name Kimmy came from my family name which is "Kolopaking," so Kolopaking+Family=kimmy. But now all of my fam member call her "Kimby"… Kimmy baby. :)

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have two other much, much, much older cats (Browndy->Siamese cat and Kelling->Siamese+Persian cat) and a dog. Well, at first Kimmy was still afraid of those two big cats. But she gets along just fine. She likes to play with Browndy's and Kelling's tails, she loves to sleep on people's stomach, she definitely loves to jump and run, and she loves to sleep in dark and small places. You can say that she's a theif, because she LOVES to steal Browndy's and Kelling's food!!! Her dislikes… she doesn't like to be ignored. Oh, and it is soooooo hard to wake her up… even if we move her body or pick her up, she'll still be sleeping… :)

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Anisa K.

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KC -
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What a cutie!!! No wonder you couldn't resist bringing her home.
Kvv -
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Kimmy is beautiful. No one could resist her!
txmomlovell -
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judymack812 -
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Yes Kimby is beautiful and u hope she has a long and happy life
Stonewall -
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Another gorgeous little white kitty care of Indonesia!
Kimmy is just adorable, and it sounds like she easily made friends with the fury clan of Kits & dog already in place.

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