February 8, 2023
BarbaraAnn says: Anya is a sweet and friendly kitten and loves to find a lap to sit in. She loves being with her mother, Sasha, and of course copies everything she does. Since she is so social, she does not like being left alone. She is my constant companion, sleeping behind my computer monitor, while I am working. She is four months old and is a Siberian Colorpoint. Since I own the mother, Anya has been with us since birth, and came from a litter of six.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: BarbaraAnn

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KC -
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what a gorgeous little cutie! Her siblings and mama are beautiful too.
Kvv -
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Anya is so sweet. I love her tail.
Stonewall -
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What a magnificent litter here. Anya is a very bright looking girl, but this entire Kitty family is super.
What a lovely thing to see before bereakfast!
txmomlovell -
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such a beauty!!

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