March 6, 2023
Kylie says: Mandy and her brother Mason were rescued from a high-kill shelter along with their mother Macy when they were only two weeks old. Having only fostered kittens by themselves before, we found it rewarding and challenging to save a mom as well this time. Little Mandy has been charming everyone in her foster home ever since day one. She is fiesty when she plays yet so lovable when she cuddles. We are sure to find her and her brother a wonderful furever home.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Kylie6789

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Kvv -
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Mandy looks so sweet. She would be lovely to cuddle with, even after she was fiesty for awhile.
KC -
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what a darling!!! Very hard to choose a favorite photo.
texasmom -
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are you my friend??
judymack812 -
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It is so fun to have the queen with her kittens to foster! Mama does the work and I get to play with them!
Stonewall -
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Yes! Lovely to have Mom & her baby.
Just looking at Mom and Mandy you get to see a perfect vision of what this little munchkin will look later in his life! Just Beautiful and a perfect image of Mom.

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