September 17, 2023
Tabbie-cats says: My American shorthair show cat and little beauty queen, Amelia Bree Ann, had a litter of three kittens, two girls and a boy. Colby Jack and Bree, Jr. (aka B.J.), are two of them. They love to spend their afternoons wrestling when I get home and let them out. They also love their toys. They will zoom, flip, and roll all over the house with them. Colby Jack is probably the most affectionate and absolutely craves attention and loves to be held in your arms on his back like a baby. Such a sweetheart! BJ is just like her mom (pictured in the last photo) in so many ways. She is probably going to be the one I keep.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Tabbie-cats

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KC -
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Gorgeous kittens, but no wonder, with such a beautiful momma!
KatVonV -
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BJ and Colby Jack are beautiful tabbies. I hope they both stay safe and happy.
texasmom -
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looks so sweet
judymack812 -
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I would have kept them all! I love tabbing and their color is beautiful.
Stonewall -
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YES! Tabby babies are much better in pairs or even trio's. These ones are just perfect; as is Mommy!
I just wish their was a picture of Daddy! I'm betting he is Regal!

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