February 2, 2024
Chandler says: Rocky and Macey have a new little sister! Bianca is an adorable two-month-old kitten. She is a black-tiger-and-white domestic shorthair. Her eyes are a pretty tint of blue, and we think the color will stay that way and not change. She loves to cuddle with her mama, pounce on her big brother Rocky's tail, and play/sleep on her scratching post. She chirps alot and rarely meows. She is so cute!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Chandler
Bianca has joined the Kitten Klub


Bianca [7]  kitten
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KC -
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What a beautiful, playful girl :-)
blodau61 -
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Bianca, "Please play with me."; Rocky, "Possibly."!
texasmom -
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so sleepy

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