February 12, 2024
Laurie says: I have always loved cats, and from ages four to 18 I had an orange tiger cat named Tiger who was my best friend. I went off to college and didn't have a cat in my life for a while, but I knew that when I did get one again I wanted it to be an orange tabby. After college I moved into a place, finally, that allowed pets. I knew I wanted to get my orange male kitty. I found out one day that a coworker had two kittens ready to be adopted, an orange male and a grey female. Luckily roommate wanted a grey girl kitty. It was fate! I met my kitten a few days later and our eyes met and he seemed to know he would be mine. Solomon is the best cat ever. He is so interactive and wonderful. He snuggles in bed with me and even has slept under the covers with his head on the pillow. He simply ADORES the laser pointer and dangling strings. He gets bored easily and seems to have a really high intelligence, always wanting new toys. He has to supervise everything and see what is going on, and he hates to be away from us. He loves people and is just an all around amazing companion. Solomon's sister's name is Ara.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Laurie Andrews

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blodau61 -
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Two little lovebugs :O)
KC -
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Lovely pictures of a very cute and handsome boy with a great name! Ara is adorable too.
texasmom -
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so sweet

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