April 18, 2024
Linda says: Misa is our little dust bunny. We suspect that she's not entirely cat, or she's a cat from another dimension. She sings when she wants food. The voice is clear and the pitch is high. The very end of her tail behaves like a rattlesnake when she's playful.

It was a hot summer day ten weeks ago when we first met Misa at Tinja's Cattery in Neutrebbin (Berlin two hours by train from our home) where Martina Gottwald breeds Scottish Fold kittens. She was the last kitten of her litter and we just had to take her home. We knew that she'd require a lot of work since she was scared and super shy, so it's been rewarding to see the courageous transformation from a shy ball of fluff to the furry tank cat she is today. Misa puts up a fair fight with her big brother Mokona nowadays since she's almost the same size with paws three times bigger than Mokona's. She loves her brother so much that she purrs like the engine of a sports car whenever he enters a room.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Linda Gavin and Martina Gottwald

Misa frequently appears on big brother Mokona's blog
Please visit Linda's blog to view her extraordinary professional graphic design work
And don't miss her toy blog My Imaginary World to see AMAZING modern dollhouses and miniatures
Linda also makes doll clothes - visit her shop Fake Blondie

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mamcathod -
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Misa the singing moggy - brilliant!
KC -
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She has such gorgeous eyes. Hard to choose favorite photos but I can never resist a cat yawn. This one is fantastic :-)
texasmom -
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479 points
Cathlee -
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Misa is so lovely with her amber eyes. Sounds like a purring beauty.

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