April 19, 2024
I saw a bit of orange fluff in the street, slowed down to look, and pulled into a driveway. Traffic was light, and I darted into the street and grabbed the kitten off the road. Birds were circling around. Kitten was petrified. I can't have pets because any dog or cat would twine around my father's legs and trip him. The only time I loaded photos here was for two newborns, Fog and Mist, found on the seat of a truck. I fed them formula until I could get them to a foster family. I named this one Callaghan for the street. He (?) doesn't want formula from an eye dropper. He does purr and play. I'm located in the San Antonio area and am trying to get him to a foster family ASAP. if you want to help I can be contacted through this site at callaghan@goodmorningkitten.com
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Darcy

Callaghan [4]  kitten
Callaghan [4]  kitten
Callaghan [4]  kitten
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mamcathod -
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Thank you for rescuing little Callaghan. I hope he has a loving home now.
KC -
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Yes indeed, I hope he is safe and loved in a forever home. Such a cutie!
Cathlee -
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Sweet little babby Callaghan, I hope you are living with a loving family and has the life you deserve.
texasmom -
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a cutie

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