May 13, 2024
Mary says: We brought General Tso home to be a companion for our four-year old cat, Boots. Boots always seemed needy and lonely when I get home at the end of a long day. Little did I know that the General would turn out to be even needier than Boots! The General is wonderful, a constant purrbox, and I call him the Velcro Kitty because he needs constant physical contact with my husband or me. He has the Siamese voice and communicates with a variety of loud meows and odd bubbly noises. He divides his time between cuddling with us and expending kitten energy by chasing and terrorizing Boots -- she won't let him cuddle with her yet, but he tries to sleep near her, and they play together. His favorite toys are lightweight furry mice, cardboard boxes with holes, and a child's fishing rod with a toy at the end of the line. He is more of a troublemaker than Boots ever was, and also more playful and more of a cuddler, and our home wouldn't be the same without him.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Mary S.

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KC -
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what a darling playful boy! Love his name too.
texasmom -
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so handsome
Cathlee -
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General Tsi is beautiful, Glad he has a playmate.

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