May 15, 2024
Julie says: Paris is a chinchilla shaded silver Persian with hazel eyes. No, she is NOT named after Paris Hilton. She is named Paris as that is my dream vacation and she is a dream come true! While already having five cats, four being Persians and one, a ten-year-old calico, I didn’t have a shortage of felines at home. However... I saw her and what was I going to do but BRING HER HOME! This is one smart cookie let me tell you! She knows just what she wants, when she wants it, and WHO is going to get it for her. She is quiet most of the time till someone is near the refrigerator and then she insists on being heard as she wants her kitten milk. She loves french fries, meat, and ice cream (especially licking the spoon). She sleeps with me every night right next to my head and she is just the best. Many years of enjoyment and love are ahead from her as she is just the purrfect little companion. I love that girl to death!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Julie Everhart
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Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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So beautiful - lovely pictures - I trust she is still among us after after 15 years.
mamcathod -
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What big eyes you have, Paris!
texasmom -
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looks like a sweetie
Cathlee -
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Paris is a beautiful little deva.

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