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August 28, 2017
Chancelucky says: We rescued Chance from a feral colony at 5-6 weeks old. Unlike the other cats there, we could pick him up, so he came home with us. After antibiotics, flea treatment, deworming, etc, he's a loveable monster! From Day 1 he has wanted to jump on and play with our other cats - no matter that he was barely over a pound and they are about 10 lbs. They don't mind too much as they are youngsters too - just over a year. We couldn't be happier that we rescued him.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Chancelucky

Chance  kitten
Chance  kitten
Comments and LOLs:
Natthecat -
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Lucky you. This is a precious addition to your family of happy and welcoming cats.
9471406g43 -
Aren't new kittens anymore featured as Kittens of the Day? This and some other recent Kitten Club members' photos look good enough for the KotD section.

Anyway, Chance is lovely. :3
TigerPJ -
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Older story, but none the less a joy to see again. Blessings to you and the kitties. ;o)
Sunny_Bunny -
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