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December 7, 2016
Misha  kitten
MishasMom says: Misha is a tortie point Siamese. She was one-year old on July 6. She lives with her older "brother", MeeToo, in Portland, Oregon. She is full of energy and orneryness! Love my furkids!
Photo Courtesy of and ©: MishasMom

Comments and LOLs:
19barbie38 -
bronze star pointsbronze star pointsbronze star points
3 points
Beautiful kitty!
KittyMom -
gold star pointsgold star pointsgold star partial points
64 points
very cute!
elly -
gold kitten points
866 points
Gorgeous one !
katzenmother -
gold kitten points
981 points
Fellow Siamese kitties; Camio, Hershey, and Bali all say "hi" from Salem, OR. Our mom and us think Misha has the prettiest and most sweet face. She is a big girl like my Camio is. Many happy years with your fur baby:)
MissyRosler -
gold star pointsgold star pointsgold star pointsgold star partial points
95 points
Wow! I have never seen a tortie point! She is so striking. Definitely the prettiest cat I've seen in awhile!
Darcy -
gold kitten pointsgold kitten points
1234 points
If you add another photo, then the system will allow us to create LOLs. Can you add another photo?
KittyMom -
gold star pointsgold star pointsgold star partial points
64 points
Gorgeous cat!
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