July 11, 2011
sara says: this is peanut he is a very loveable relaxed layed back cat and hipper when he feals like it. when i first got him as a kitten he had blue eyes and we thought he was a girl. for a wile i could not bring him home so i had my brother keep him for a wile, my brother treated him poorley, he was thrown kicked and steped on, as soon as i found out i took him home and hid him from our land lords. we finaly moved away from that house so we got to keep him for a wile we were looking to find a home for him but i just could not do it i loved him lots and i cryed thinking about him being gone, i didnt know if he would have gone to a good home or a bad, im glad he is still hear with me, i love him lots and will never let him go no matter how much he can be a pain in the butt. if you check out my cats he has a blood sister, tiger striped, her name is tyegris there is also a nother file i made for her under tiger. peanut born 5-9-2010
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: sara

Comments and LOLs:
lisaboese -
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Oh my, Peanut is just beautiful!! I especially love his eyes!! So glad you could keep him!!!!
mrskitton -
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He is so beautiful!
Natthecat -
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This is such a funny shot. You have great pets, Sara! But your family. . . You need to make your own life, I see, and just protect yourself and what you love. I don't know how old you are, but it doesn't really matter. Get out.
Darina -
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youre a great person for keeping peanut, he is gorgeous, but your brother needs to be reported to the cops...that is a sorry excuse for a person
cpneale -
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your brother should be kicked numerous times in that very sensitive spot....what a pos. So glad ur baby is with you and good now!
Lgoaliefan -
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I hope your brother never is the guardian of any pet whatsoever. Thank you for taking Peanut out of that situation. What a beautiful cat!!!!Many years of happiness to you!
Meesh -
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If my brother did that to an animal, I would punch him in the face and call the cops! Keep all your pets away from him!
Ash1Rose -
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He is beautiful Sara! I hope that both you and your pets are in safe place now.
amycats -
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What a gorgeous kitty! I love him, too! I, too, hope all of you are safe!

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