December 1, 2022
Raoul says: This is Sasha, our adopted kitten, at about one and a half months of age, a few days after we brought her home. She was and still is adorable. We found her in a pet shop in Sibiu, Romania. Although we already had three other cats, we fell in love with Sasha at first sight and knew we had to bring her home. Our tomcat, Felix, also fell in love with her. Although he was only about eight months old, he started to treat her like a father. They'd follow each other everywhere, sleep together, eat together... He showed her how to climb (and get down from) trees, how to play fight, and would even tolerate her as she tried to suckle on his chest. Naturally, with him being a male, there was nothing to suckle, so he'd end up with a lot of wet fur, but he didn't mind.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Raoul Pop
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Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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Lovely photos of the most adorable baby girl.
Kvv -
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95 points
Sasha is indeed loveable. So glad she has a good home.
txmomlovell -
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330 points
she's a cutie
judymack812 -
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The eyes! She is beautiful. Love her coloring and tabby stripes.
Stonewall -
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482 points
Sasha is another totally awesome Tabby Girl. She still has her belly spots in these photos and overall; she is just lovely!

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