November 17, 2023
Inben says: My wife and I first saw Lola in a pet store while on holiday in December 2008. We usually never buy kittens from pet stores, preferring to rather adopt from the many stray kittens that are available from the SPCA. We usually visit the pet stores with the intention of just looking to see all the pets available... and maybe play with the kittens that are on display. But when we saw Lola and her cute little face... well, it was like love at first sight! We decided immediately that we wanted her. We live in Stanger, a small town in South Africa (closest city is Durban). We have two other cats, both strays adopted from the SPCA. Sammy is a three-year-old ginger cat, and Milo is the almost-one-year-old black cat. Milo and Lola were friends almost immediately, but it took Sammy a long time to warm up to Lola. Lola is very affectionate and usually sleeps with us at night. Her favourite spot is my wife's pillow... curled up around my wife's head! She is also quite a hunter already. She seems to love all insects, even cockroaches, much to most of the household's disgust!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Inben Naidoo
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Comments and LOLs:
blodau61 -
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Cariad pwsi - pussy love :O)
Cat Daddy -
I can see why you decided to get her! She is beautiful and expressive!
KC -
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What a darling! No wonder it was love at first sight! I hope she stays safe indoors.
texasmom -
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KittyvonV -
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Lola is veautiful
rosecheschi -
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Lola, you have such beautiful eyes.

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