March 31, 2024
mightymarce says: We adopted little Nev (short for Mademoiselle Nevada Norcier des Quattre-Pattes) from the Humane Society a couple months ago. She is a playful kitty who loves to attack my husband's socked feet, then curls up to sleep in bed with us at night. She is also quite the purr machine. I love how well she gets along with our toddler -- he pets her gently and loves to lay near her, and she in turn rubs up against his legs and sits by the tub next to him during bath time. She doesn't even mind when he dumps a cupful of water on her. Clearly, we picked the right kitten to adopt. =P
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: mightymarce

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Sepp -
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The cutest little kitty with the cutest little baby ever <3
KC -
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What a beautiful minipanther, and such a great personality! Hard to choose favorite pics.
Cathlee -
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Nevada is quite the charmer. She is so good with your baby!
texasmom -
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looks like a sweetie

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