April 1, 2024
Jill says: Penny was one of the sweetest kitties I've ever met. She was a little orange tabby girl who was found all by herself on the side of the trans-Canada highway. We started fostering her when she was five or six weeks old. She loved to play with toy mice and crinkle balls. She especially loved it if you put a mouse in a shoe and then she had to figure out how to get it out. She also loved being carried around in bags! She got along really well with our two adult cats and would sometimes stalk them around the house and pounce on their tails. It was hilarious to watch 1.5-lb Penny chase my 15-lb cat around! We were very sad to say goodbye to Penny, but unfortunately we couldn't keep her and there were more kittens that needed help. I cried when we left her at the shelter! I had asked around to friends and posted on facebook but no one was able or willing to adopt her. Thankfully, after being at the Fredericton SPCA shelter less than 24 hours she got adopted by a friend of a friend. I really hope Penny is happy in her new home!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: jillhudgins

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KC -
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Such a cutie! I could never have given her up. I also hope she is happy in her loving forever home.
blodau61 -
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One chilled choochy-chops!
texasmom -
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another sweetie
Cathlee -
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Oh Penny! A female orange tabby is very rare. I could not part with you. Orange tabbies are so sweet. I hope you love your new home.

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