Irina says: Odin always looks very serious. He is like a small bear. We hope he will become a beautiful maine coon with the wild look. Odin likes to play a big angry cat with his fur fluffed up. He has the most dominating character from all the litter. But we hope he will be strong but calm and kind anyway. My husband Andrew loves him most of all kittens and often takes him to our working room where Odin can walk between computers, photo equipment and learn all the technics. Odin even wrote his fist message to our friends on Skype :) I think many men dream to have a friend like Odin. We look to the kitten development and don't put him on sale yet. Probably Odin will live with our friends and take part in the cattery breeding program.

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All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Irina Shvayakova
Please visit Irina's Web site for more information about her gorgeous kittens
and her Flickr stream for more photos of all sorts of beautiful places and things

Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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Odin is gorgeous - there is no doubt that he will be a gentle giant, like all Maine Coons.
Kvv -
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95 points
Odin is a darling. Look at those paws! He will be a very large Maine Coon I am sure. Hope he gets a good home.
texasmom -
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442 points
looks like a sweet one
judymack812 -
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Beautiful baby who must be late middle age by now and very regal looking!

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